Non verbal communication at the Quebec Institute of Synergology

The term “Synergolgy” was created with a series a words that best describes its purpose: sun (togetherness), ergo (active) and logos (speech).  In other words, being active while communicating with others.

Synergology’s purpose as a discipline is to better understand a person based on its non-verbal, in order to improve the communication process. Synergology is multidisciplinary and stands between neurosciences and communication sciences.  Synergology, or non-verbal language, classifies gestures using a strict procedure.

From a synergologist standpoint, body and brain stand as one.

To decipher the body is to decipher the brain; to observe the body moving is to witness the mind in action. The idea behind synergology was born from this observation; an ambitious project but with unlimited possibilities. In fact, the only limitation is in the capacity of the human mind to describe what they see themselves as.

Synergology studies body language.  Body language offers certain advantages compared to other human sciences; it exists naturally, without having to be recreated.  It walks down the street! There are no pre-requisites required compared to, for example, identifying what psyche is to psychology or what reciprocity is to anthropology.